The powerful 2E inverter will help you solve very complex tasks. In addition, the model has many useful features, including: the ability to control the device via Wi – Fi and connect batteries of various types of 48 V. Moreover, using XM MAX inverters, you can create a system from six devices!

  • Power 11 kW/11000 VA
  • Ability to connect a 48 V battery
  • Built-in chargers (grid and solar)
  • Pure sine wave
  • Possibility of remote control through applications
  • Integration into the "Smart Home" system
  • Maintaining a 1-3-phase configuration
  • Parallel operation for up to 6 devices
  • Built-in security features
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Type Standalone inverter
Kind With built-in grid and MPPT solar charger
Power 11kVA/11kW
Battery External 48 VDC
Input 170-280 V, ~50/60 Hz (Hardwired)
Output 230V, ~50/60Hz, Hardwired
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Maximum power of PE array 2x5500 W
MPPT window 90-450 VDC 2x MPPT, Voc - 500VDC, Isc - 2x27A
Maximum charger current, A 150
Interface RS-232/485, USB, Wi-Fi, Dry-contact
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 554x435x150
Weight, kg 18.4
Manufactured China
Warranty 18 months
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Parallel operation of up to six devices

The 11 kW/11,000 VA XM MAX Inverter can help solve complex and energy-intensive tasks. Among the features of the model: maintaining a single or three-phase configuration, as well as the possibility of parallel operation of up to 6 devices at the same time! The device is completely autonomous and has built-in grid and solar chargers, so it can be easily connected to a photovoltaic array with a maximum power of 2x5500W. MPPT range is 90-450 VDC (2 × MPPT), Voc – 500 VDC, Isc – 2 × 27 A. If necessary, an external battery of almost any type of 48 V (SLA, AGM, HP-AGM, Gel , Carbon , Li-Ion and others).

For the healing of large systems

The model will be useful both at the enterprise or office, and in private houses with an area of more than 170 m². For example, the powerful XM MAX will help simultaneously power autonomous water supply, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, etc. systems. The inverter is distinguished by a wealth of interfaces: RS-232 (connection to a PC), USB, RS-485 (for connecting various controllers), Wi-Fi (remote control via applications), Dry-contact (operation according to a set scenario). And in addition: the model has built-in security features.

2E Solar Cable 6mm2 Red
2E Solar Cable 6mm2 Red
2E Solar Cable 6mm2 Black
2E Solar Cable 6mm2 Black
Solar Connector Spanners 2E
Solar Connector Spanners 2E
Solar Connectors 2E MC4-1T4
Solar Connectors 2E MC4-1T4
Solar Cable 2E XT60 to MC4 3m
Solar Cable 2E XT60 to MC4 3m
SKU: 2E-ASP-XT60-MC4-3
Solar Extension Cable 2E MC4 4.5m
Solar Extension Cable 2E MC4 4.5m
Solar Cable 2E XT60 to MC4 1m
Solar Cable 2E XT60 to MC4 1m
SKU: 2E-ASP-XT60-MC4-1
Solar Cable 2E MC4 to Anderson 0.5m
Solar Cable 2E MC4 to Anderson 0.5m
Inverter 2E XM INFINI 6000VA (Hybrid)
Inverter 2E XM INFINI 6000VA (Hybrid)