Portable Power Station 2Е Volodar, 5000 W, 5120 Wh, WiFi/BT, Capacity Increase, Fast Charging

SKU: 2E-PPS5051

The 2E Volodar is the most powerful, innovative and environmentally friendly portable power station with a 5,120 Wh LiFePO4 battery and a powerful AC inverter that delivers 5,000 Wh of sinusoidal power.

  • Rated input voltage 220 VAC / 230 VAC
  • Input voltage range (170 VAC ~ 280 VAC) ± 2%; (90 VAC - 280 VAC) ± 2%
  • Frequency 50 Hz/ 60 Hz (automatic detection)
  • Frequency 50 Hz/ 60 Hz (automatic detection) Frequency range 47 ± 0.3 Hz ~ 55 ± 0.3 Hz (50 Hz) / 57 ± 0.3 Hz ~ 65 ± 0.3 Hz (60 Hz)
  • Rated output power (VA) 5,000 (4,350/4,500/4,800/5,000)
  • Rated output power (W) 5,000 (4,350/4,500/4,800/5,000)
  • Rated output voltage (V) 230 V AC (200/208/220/240 V AC with adjustable voltage)
  • Output frequency range (Hz) 50 Hz ± 0.3 Hz/60 Hz ± 0.3 Hz
  • Peak power 10,000 VA
  • Maximum charging current 60 A
  • Charging voltage range 40~60 V DC
  • Battery type and capacity class A LiFePO4 5,120 Wh 51.2 V 100 Ah
  • Service life ≥ 3,000 cycles
  • Operating temperature 10~45 °C
  • Dimensions 520 × 405 × 376 mm
  • Weight 70 kg
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Type Power station
Rated power, W 5000
Real capacity, W/h 5120
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
Battery life >3000 cycles
Rated voltage, V 220/230 AC (170 AC~280 AC) ±2%;(90 AC-280 AC) ±2%
Frequency, Hz 50/60 (automatic detection), 47±0.3 Hz ~ 55±0.3 Hz/57±0.3 Hz ~ 65±0.3 Hz
Input AC: 220-240 V, 50 Hz (max. 2500 W)
MPPT: 120-450 V (max. 5000 W)
Output 4xUSB-A: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1,5A (one 18 W max., two simultaneously 15 W max.)
2xUSB Type-C: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 5A (max. 100W)
DC: 4xDC 5521: 12V 10A (max. 120W), car port: 12V 10A (max. 120W)
AC: 1x210-230V, 30A, 50 Hz; 3x210-230V, 16A, 50Hz
Solar charger DC: MPPT - support for 120-500V solar panels up to 5000W
Package contents Power station, AC charging cable, cigarette lighter adapter (DC5.5x2.1), spare power plug, manual
Dimensions, mm 520x405x376
Weight, kg 70
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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A Wide Range of Uses

The 2E Volodar is the best solution when traditional generators are not available and you need to power heavy-duty equipment anywhere.
When buying a portable power station, you need to clearly understand the scope of its use. With the most powerful 2E Volodar, you can power any event, home workshop, office or coffee shop, or even a private house or apartment for several days in the event of an unexpected power outage. It is also suitable for charging an electric vehicle, organizing field events, in medical institutions and the military, etc.

Main Advantages

The 2E Volodar is an innovative portable power station with a pure sine wave inverter with a rated power of 5,000 W (peak up to 8,800 W) to power even more devices. MPPT 5,000 W full hybrid solar inverter with a voltage range of 120-500 V. For energy storage, the device is equipped with a built-in modern and safe LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 5,120 Wh, which is the key to the station’s long-term operation even with intensive use. In addition, the capacity can be expanded to an impressive 82 kWh. It is compatible with and supports all types of stationary and portable solar panels.

Comfort of Use

The mobile power station is enclosed in a metal casing and equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle for safe transportation. For convenience, there is a separate 30 A power outlet, 6 USB ports, 5 DC ports, and 4 AC outlets, so you can charge several devices simultaneously.
With powerful built-in charging of up to 2,500 W, the device can be fully charged in less than 2 h. There is a full UPS function, switching to the battery in less than 10 ms. With this power station, users will never be left without electricity, as the charging methods are quite flexible. It can be charged from the grid and a generator. An important argument is the possibility of charging from solar panels and a windmill if you plan to take the device on trips or there will be no power for a long time.