SKU: 2E-HI600

The 2E HI600 inverter with a capacity of 600 W is designed to convert 12 V direct current to 230 V alternating current. It can be used for any office or home loads, including resistive, inductive; electric motors and as a UPS for computer equipment and electronics in the event of a power outage. The model is compatible with generators, because it is possible to configure the interaction between the inverter and the generator.

  • Pure sine wave
  • External batteries are selected for the desired autonomy time
  • Additional DC module
  • Built-in protection functions
  • Compatibility with generators
  • ECO mode
  • LCD screen
  • Signal buzzer
  • Sockets 2 × Schuko
  • The possibility to choose 220/230/240 V output voltage
  • The possibility to choose the charging current
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Type Standalone inverter
Power 0.6 kW
Battery External
Input 12 V x DC, 156-294 V, ~50/60 Hz (network mode), 0-264 V, ~50/60 Hz (bypass mode)
Output AC: 220/230/240V, ~50/60 Hz, DC: 5V(2A), 9V/12В(1A), 15V/24V(1A), 12V/24V(10A)
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Switching time, mc 10
Overload Network mode: 10 sec - 150% (switching to bypass mode), 60 sec - 125%, 120 sec - 110%; bypass mode: 5 sec - 150% (switching off), 10 sec - 125%, 60 sec - 110%
Maximum charger current, A 30
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 114x265x258
Weight, kg 9
Manufactured China
Warranty 2 years

Advantages of inverters

The inverters are particularly in demand and popular now. Among the advantages, it is worth noting a wide range of input voltage, the ability to work in overload mode.

Optional DC module

The 2E HI600 inverter’s specification is the presence of an optional DC module, which allows to connect devices, such as routers, switches, mobile phone (smartphone) chargers, DC fans, etc., through the DC connector of the inverter.

Built-in security features for safe use

The 2E HI600 inverter has built-in protection functions such as overvoltage, short circuit, undervoltage, overcharge, overheat and critical discharge.

Compatibility with generators

2E HI600 will be suitable for solving tasks in the event of an emergency shutdown of the power supply or the unavailability of the centralized power grid, in particular, it will allow to start a boiler or a refrigerator using a generator.

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