SKU: 2E-EC-200

Everybody of us has those who protect our native land in this extremely difficult time for the country. And, of course, each of us wants to take care of our defenders’ comfort, to provide them with opportunity to stay connected. For such tasks, 2E-EC-200 portable solar panel will come in handy, it allows you to recharge almost any device that has a USB connection. The model is equipped with a well-designed interface – USB-A (24 W) and USB-C (45 W) connectors, as well as DC 18 V/11.1 A port for connecting to mobile power stations, which is especially important in the field conditions. 2E-EC-200 is weighty (6.9 kg), but this is not a significant disadvantage considering its total power 200 W and a conversion rate 22 %. When the panel is folded, it will take minimum of space, because it has rather modest dimensions – 580 × 540 × 60 mm, and the convenient handle provided by the design facilitates transportation. The nice bonus will be the availability of adapters and 2-in-1 cable for connecting to portable power stations.

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Type Portable solar panel
Application Batteries, smartphones, tablets, laptops
Power, W 200
Interfaces Output 1: DC 18V/11.1A, 200W (max), Output 2: USB-A 5V/3.4A; 9V/2.5A; 12V/2A; 24W (max), Output 3: USB-C 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 45W (max)
Conversion rate 22%
Features Folding design and handle
Dimensions after opening, mm 2460x540х25
Dimensions after closing, mm 580x540х60
Weight, kg 6.9
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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