Solar Inverter 2E SM-6K48T 6000VA/6000W, 48V, MPPT, 2xTerminal out

SKU: 2E-SM-6K48T

The 2E SM-6K48T autonomous solar inverter is the optimal solution for those seeking an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to power their homes and businesses. The device not only provides high efficiency of solar energy conversion, but also meets the most stringent requirements for reliability, ease of use and environmental safety.

  • Power 6 kW
  • Built-in chargers (mains and MPPT)
  • External battery 48 VDC
  • Input 176-280 VAC, ~50/60 Hz, Hardwired
  • Output 230 VAC ~50/60 Hz, pure sine wave, Hardwired, (1+1 controlled AC output)
  • Max. PV array power 6,000 W, 1 × 27 A
  • MRRT 60-450 VDC
  • Max. power supply current 120 A (combined)
  • Interfaces RS-232/485, USB-OTG, Wi-Fi, Dry-contact
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Type Standalone inverter
Kind With built-in grid and MPPT solar charger
Power 6kVA/6kW
Battery External 48 VDC
Input 176-280 V, ~50/60 Hz (Hardwired)
Output 230V, ~50/60Hz 1+1 controlled AC output, Hardwired
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Maximum power of PE array 6000 W/1x27A
MPPT window 60-450 VDC
Maximum charger current, A 120
Interface RS-232/485, USB-OTG, Wi-Fi, Dry-contact
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 300x 435x115
Weight, kg 10
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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6 kVA for Energy Independence

With a capacity of 6 kVA/6 kW, this inverter will satisfy the power needs of a modern household or small business. One of the key features of the model is the built-in chargers – mains and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which allows to optimize the use of energy from solar panels, providing maximum power of the PV array up to 6,000 W. A wide MPPT window from 60 to 450 VDC provides flexibility for connecting various solar panel configurations, and a maximum charging current of up to 120 A ensures fast battery charging while maintaining high system efficiency.

Solar Energy Available All the Time

The design provides for the connection of an external battery (48 VDC) to store «collected» solar energy for use during periods of insufficient solar radiation, for example, in cloudy weather or at night. This ensures a stable power supply at all the time.

Safe Power Supply for Sensitive Devices

The inverter supports a wide range of input voltage (176-280 VAC) and frequency (~50/60 Hz). However, special attention should be paid to the pure sine wave output voltage (230 VAC), which provides stable and safe power supply to voltage-sensitive devices. In addition, the inverter has a controllable AC output, which allows you to flexibly customize the system according to your needs.

A Wealth of Interfaces

The RS-232/485, USB-OTG and Wi-Fi interfaces provide easy control and monitoring of the system status, while the Dry-contact function allows the inverter to be integrated into complex automation systems. Given its size (300 × 435 × 115 mm) and weight (10 kg), the model is easy to install and maintain.

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