Portable Power Station 2Е Dzherelo, 600 W, 560 Wh, Fast Charging

SKU: 2E-PPS06056

The 2E Dzherelo portable charging station is equipped with a 600 W inverter (1,000 W peak) and has a 560 Wh LiFePO4 battery capacity. Thanks to the built-in innovative features and technologies, it will provide backup or alternative power to the necessary devices.

  • LiFePO4 battery capacity 560 Wh, 25,000 mAh
  • Battery life >2,000 cycles
  • AC output power 600 W (peak power 1,000 W)
  • 1 × Schuko 220 V, 50 Hz socket
  • USB-C output – PD-100 W × 1; 5 V, 2.4 A × 2
  • DC output 12-12.5 V, 8 A, 100 W
  • AC output rated capacity 504 Wh
  • DC input up to 50 V, 12 A
  • AC input 220 V, 500 W
  • XT60 DC MPPT: support for solar panels with 12-50 V to 240 V voltage
  • AC output 220 V, 600 W (peak power 1,000 W)
  • DC output 12.5 V, 8.3A
  • USB-A × 2: 5 V, 2.4 A; 1 × QC 18 W
  • USB-C × 2: 5 V, 2.4 A; PD 100 W × 1: 5 V/9 V/12 V/15 V/20 V, 3.25A
  • Operating temperature range -10~40 °C
  • Charging temperature range 0~40 °C
  • Size 254 × 200 × 182 mm
  • Weight 6.5 kg
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Type Power station
Rated power, W 600
Real capacity, W/h 560
Real capacity, mAh 25000
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
Battery life >2000 cycles
Rated voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Input AC: 220V - 500W
DC: up to 50V up to 12A (Support 12V-50V)
Output USB-C: PD-100Wx1 5V 2.4Ax2
DC12V: - 12.5V, 8A - 100W
Output nominal capacity of alternating current: 504Wh
AC: 220V 600W (Peak 1000W)
DC: 12.5V 8.3A
USB-A x2: 5V 2.4A; QCx1: 18W
USB-C x2: 5V 2.4A; PD100Wx1: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 3.25A
Solar charger XT60 DC: MPPT - support 12V-50V up to 240W solar panels
Operating temperature -10 °С – +40 °С
Charging temperature 0 °С – +40 °С
Package contents Power station, 220V power adapter, instruction
Dimensions, mm 254x200x182
Weight, kg 6.5
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months

A Constant Energy Source That Is Always at Hand

The 2E Dzherelo portable charging station will help minimize the consequences of a centralized power outage at the local level. It is equipped with a 600 W inverter (peak 1,000 W). The compact body has a sturdy folding handle for easy transportation.

Powerful Battery

Modern, safe and long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries (class A) are the key to the long service life of the 2E Dzherelo, even under heavy use. A single 220 V Schuko AC socket with grounding extends the number of types of consumers that can be powered. The battery capacity is sufficient, for example, to operate the Star Link terminal for 7 h!

Higher-Level Functionality

One of the key features is ultra-fast and intelligent charging from the 220 V mains or any other AC source. Thanks to an AC input of up to 500 W, the power station can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 1 h, and up to 100% in just 1.5 h of operation from the mains or generator. At the same time, the charging station does not consume peak power at the start, but does so discretely, «measuring» the capabilities of the network and not creating starting peak loads.
The 2E Dzherelo is equipped with a built-in MPPT controller with a capacity of up to 240 W and a voltage of 12 V to 50 V with a current of up to 12 A, which allows the power plant to be charged using portable solar panels of almost any power rating up to 240 W. For example, a 200 W panel can charge the 2E charging station in just 3 h in sunny weather! In case of parallel use, it is possible to double the solar power using each MPPT of the station. It is also possible to charge via a car cigarette lighter or with another DC battery. The model is equipped with an XT60 DC connector and is compatible with almost any modern portable solar panel.
With UPS (uninterruptible power supply), the battery life (cycles) can only be used when it is needed. When the 2E Dzherelo charging station is connected between the mains source and the consumer, when the mains supply is available, electricity is passed through in a «through» way, i.e. without involving either the battery or the built-in inverter, which helps to preserve their life. When the mains power supply is interrupted, the charging station switches power to the built-in battery with minimal delay, which will go unnoticed even by PCs and other sensitive equipment. It is not recommended to use the charging station as a typical UPS. The UPS function has a limited time of continuous use.

Protected Reliably

The 2E Dzherelo charging station is equipped with a modern BMS board that provides six protection systems: overcharge, deep discharge, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit, and overvoltage.

Additional Options

A built-in flashlight can be used as an additional light source.
IMPORTANT! Do NOT store the flashlight when it is discharged. Be sure to charge to 100 % when you first turn it on.