Generator 2E Diesel 380V,50HZ, 6.6KW, AVR


2E diesel generator can be used not only as a backup power source, but also as the main one in conditions of centralized power grid unavailability. The three-phase model has a nominal power of 6 kW, and the maximum can reach 6.5 kW.

  • Type: diesel
  • Power 6 kW
  • Three phases
  • Fuel tank volume 13.5 l
  • Air cooling
  • Manual start/electric starter
  • Two AC outlets
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Type Generator
Fuel type Diesel
Alternator type Synchronous
Rated power, kW 6
Maximum power, kW 6.6
Rated voltage, V 220/380
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Startup type Electric, manual
Tank capacity, l 13.5
Engine cooling Air
Outlets 1xShuko (16A-230V), 1 triphase (32A-380V)
Features Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), 3-in-1 display, hour meter, voltmeter, frequency meter, oil level sensor, fuel level sensor, short circuit protection, low oil level protection
Weight, kg 117
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Two AC Outlets

2E-BSD7000TXE model is an efficient and reliable power source. Despite the nominal power of 6 kW, the three-phase generator can provide a maximum of 6.5 kW. Voltage: 380 V/220 V (12 V DC). It operates on diesel fuel, the design provides for a tank with a volume of 13.5 l. A feature of the model is the possibility of both manual starting and using an electric starter, and for lubrication, the manufacturer recommends using SAE 10W-30, SAE15W-40 (1.65 l) oil. The operating temperature range is 5-40 °C. Two outlets with an output power of 4.5-5.5 kVA are built into the body.

Air Cooling

To summarize, 2E diesel generator consists of two main parts – a diesel engine and an electric generator, which are built into one body and connected to each other. During the device operation, diesel heats up, and excess heat is forcibly removed with the help of air flow coming from the fan. 2E diesel generator with this cooling method will be useful as a backup source of electricity in private houses, cafes, shops, and as the main source – irreplaceable in rural houses, cottages, where the power grid is not laid, or in places where it was damaged as a result of military operations.