Digital terrestrial T2-receiver with a sensitive tuner and fast switching of TV channels will immerse you into a world of crystal clear images without noise and interference, the world of widescreen high resolution video and digital sound.

With its triangular shape with a rounded edges can put it horizontally or vertically and put it equally well appear in any place, and patterned illumination react in time to the music rhythmically changing colors as the equalizer. Most of the body is made of a pleasing touch to plastic.

A wireless charging that takes up a minimum of space on the table. A flat disk with an interesting decorative frame will be a great highlight on the desktop.

2E offers a wide range of products for home, office and leisure time: durable mice and keyboards, smartphones and power banks, backpacks and bags, suitcases, and much more. All you need is to choose what might be useful and helpful in your everyday life.


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