Efficiency, ease of use and ease of transportation are the features of 2E-PSPLW400 portable solar panel, which will become an indispensable «assistant» during travel, camping, even in difficult frontal conditions. The model has a power of 400 W and a high conversion rate of 22-23.5 %, so it maximally «uses» solar energy to charge connected devices. Another key feature of 2E panel is the reduced weight (by 40 %), as compared to devices with similar power, which determines the device mobility. In addition, the model has a complex design and convenient handles for easier portability and deployment. With a weight of 9 kg, its size is 800 × 795 × 45 mm, and in the unfolded state – 3,030 × 800 × 25 mm. 2E-PSPLW400 consists of four sections, which ensures panel flexibility and adaptability to different usage conditions. Moreover, it is equipped with various interfaces for convenient connection of any devices. In particular, the panel has a typical MC4 connector, as well as additional Anderson, XT60 and DC5.5 for connecting solar panels to each other and to other system components. Output direct current is 12-40 V, 10 A (max.).

  • Power 400 W
  • Conversion rate 22-23.5 %
  • Four sections
  • Weight reduced by 40 %
  • Complex design
  • Comfortable handles
  • Connectors: MC4, Anderson, XT60, DC5.5 for connecting solar panels to each other and to other system components
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Type Portable solar panel
Application Batteries, smartphones, tablets, laptops
Power, W 400
Interfaces DC 12-40V/10A (max), MC4, Anderson, XT60, DC5.5
Conversion rate 22-23.5%
Features Folding design and handle
Dimensions after opening, mm 3030x800x25
Dimensions after closing, mm 800x795x45
Weight, kg 9
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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