Solar Extension Cable 2E XT60 to Cigarette Plug 1m


The car adapter 2E XT60 is used to recharge charging stations and electronic devices that are powered through the XT60 connector from the car cigarette lighter. The length of the 2E XT60 adapter is 1 m. Simple connection and disconnection is ensured without the use of additional tools.

  • XT60 connector and car cigarette lighter (plug)
  • Max. operating voltage up to 12.6 V
  • Max. operating current up to 10 A
  • Cable cross-section is 2 mm2 (14 AWG)
  • Operating temperature range is -15 °C ~ +80 °C
  • The contact material is tinned copper
  • The length of the cable is 1 m
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Type Solar Adapter
Connector type XT60 and Car cigarette lighter (plug)
Maximum operating voltage, V 12.6
Maximum operating current, A 10
Cable section, mm2 2
Cable standard EN 50525
Operating temperature range From -15°C to +80°C
Contact material Tinned copper
Cable length, m 1
Additionally Polarity is marked with color
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months