2E Solar Cable 6mm2 Black


Cable for solar panels with a cross section of 6 mm2 and a length of 30.5 m is designed for connecting solar panels and energy storage devices, as well as extending existing cables.

When used in conjunction with the 2E MC4-2T1 or 2E MC4-3T1 branch connectors, it is possible to easy and quick connect two or more solar panels and other devices.

The cable can be used outdoors and under adverse weather conditions. It has an IP67 protection degree, resistance to high/low temperatures, UV radiation and corrosion. The inner core of the cable is made of 6 mm2 (10 AWG) tinned copper, providing excellent conductivity and oxidation resistance.

With the 2E-ASP-SC-6MM2-B cable, simple connection and disconnection is ensured without the use of additional tools.

  • Black color
  • Tinned copper conductor material
  • 6 mm2 cross section (10 AWG)
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Type Solar Cable
Connector type Without connectors
Maximum operating voltage, V 1000
Maximum operating current, A 30
Cable section, mm2 6
Operating temperature range From -40°C to +85°C
Contact material Tinned copper
Color Black
Additionally IP67 degree of protection, resistant to high/low temperatures, UV radiation and corrosion
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months