2E PS500L, 500VA/300W, DC 12V, 2xSchuko+1xC13 2E-PS500L

SKU: 2E-PS500L

As a result of shelling of power system facilities in various cities in Ukraine fan and emergency power outages have been introduced. Therefore, at any moment, it is possible to stop the power supply and, as a result, turn off important equipment, which can lead to its damage or even complete failure. 2E brand uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will save in these cases.

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Type Line-interactive
Installation type Tower
Maximum output power, VA 500
Effective output power, W 300
Input voltage range, V Bypass mode: 0~242/264/276/288 for 200/220/230/240 ± 10 V; network mode: 220: 165-280, 230: 175-290, 240: 185-300
Input frequency, Hz 50-60 (automatic detection)
Output voltage range, V Bypass mode: 0 ~ 242/264/276/288 for 200/220/230/240 ± 10 V; network mode: 200: 166-226, 220: 188-245, 230: 199-254, 240:210-264
Output frequency, Hz 50-60±0.3 (adjustable)
Inverter overload 110% for 2 min (network mode)
125% for 1 min (network mode)
150% for 10 s (network mode)
110% for 1 min (inverter mode)
125% for 10 s (inverter mode)
150% for 5 s (inverter mode)
Sockets 2xSchuko, 1xC13
Ability to connect external batteries 12V
Interfaces USB, RJ45
Display Yes
Noise level, dB ≤50
Operating temperature 5-40 °C
Relative humidity ≤ 93%
Colour Black
Protection Overheat protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, low battery voltage protection, overcharge protection
Additionally LED indication, AVR automatic voltage regulation, Cold start and Restart functions, ECO mode, intelligent battery management
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 144x345x215
Weight, kg 7
Manufactured China
Warranty 2 years
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In the event of a power outage or other problems with the network, the output sockets continue to receive voltage from the UPS for a limited time. Connect critical equipment, such as a computer, monitor, or other data transmission devices, to the output sockets.


Do not connect non-computer related equipment to the UPS, such as medical equipment, life support equipment, microwave ovens, and vacuum cleaners.


Considering the military present, 2E brand uninterruptible power supply is a must-have for almost everyone. 2E-PS500L model has a power of 500 VA/300 W. UPS type: linear-interactive. The main advantage of devices of this type is the ability to prevent interruptions in the power supply of important «consumers», and in case of voltage fluctuations, the built-in transformer will provide the required level at the outlet sockets. This UPS is supplied without built-in batteries, instead external 12 V batteries are used, thanks to which the user can choose the desired long battery life.


The operating frequency range of 2E PS500L model is within 50 ~ 60 Hz (automatic detection). AVR automatic voltage stabilization. A feature of this UPS is the ability to select the charging current from 1 to 10 A in steps of 1 A. This extends the battery service life and allows the use of batteries of small capacity.


Input 165 ~ 300 V AC, output «pure» sine wave 220/230/240 V (voltage adjustable). Two Schuko sockets + 1 IEC C13 socket, power cable, cable for connecting external batteries, USB and RJ45 connectors. An LCD display built into the front panel displays the device’s operating status, including error codes. SNMP adapter connection available.


With a weight of 7 kg, the device has dimensions of 144 × 345 × 215 mm. Installation type: TOWER. The noise level is 50 dB. The product has «cold start» and restart functions, protection against short circuit, overload, overheating, full battery discharge. Self-testing, automatic battery charge if the UPS is connected to the network, ECO power saving mode.