Solar Adapter 2E MC4 to Cigarette Plug 0.5m


The 2E solar panel adapter is designed to power, for example, pumps and smartphones from a solar panel or any other PV panel via a car cigarette lighter. The design provides an MC4 jack to connect to the solar panel and a car cigarette lighter to connect devices directly. The maximum voltage is 12.6 V and the current is 10 A. The cable is 0.5 m long, it complies with the EN 50525 standard, has a cross-section of 2 mm² (14AWG), and the contact material is tinned copper. The polarity is color-coded for ease of connection. By using a 2E adapter with 2E MC4-2T1 or 2E MC4-3T1 splitter cables, simultaneous connection of two or more solar panels is possible.

  • MC4 jack and car cigarette lighter
  • Polarity is marked
  • Max. voltage is 12.6 V
  • Max. current is 10 A
  • Cable cross-section 2 mm² (14AWG)
  • Compliance with the EN 50525 standard
  • Tinned copper contacts
  • Length is 0.5 m
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Type Solar Adapter
Connector type MC4 and Car cigarette lighter
Maximum operating voltage, V 12.6
Maximum operating current, A 10
Cable section, mm2 2
Cable standard EN 50525
Operating temperature range From -15°C to +80°C
Contact material Tinned copper
Cable length, m 0.5
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months