Generator 2E Gasolin Invertor 220V,50HZ, 3.5kw, E-START


2E gasoline inverter type generator produces electricity with a constant voltage and frequency regardless of the consumed current and engine speed. The voltage stability achieved by using the inverter principle allows you to power sensitive equipment without the risk of damaging it. The model will come in handy not only in the event of an emergency power outage, but also during a camping holiday or for performing any tasks at a distance from the city infrastructure.

  • Type: inverter
  • Power 3.5 kW
  • One phase
  • Gasoline tank volume 10 l
  • Air cooling
  • Start: spark plug
  • Pure sine wave
  • AC outlet
  • DC outlets 12 V, 5 A (2 pcs.)
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Type Inverter generator
Fuel type Petrol
Alternator type Brushless permanent magnet
Rated power, kW 3.5
Maximum power, kW 4
Rated voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of phases 1
Startup type Electric, manual
Tank capacity, l 10
Engine cooling Air
Outlets 1xShuko (16A-230V)
Features Oil level sensor, fuel level sensor, short-circuit protection, low oil level protection, 3-in-1 display, hour meter, voltmeter, frequency meter
Weight, kg 33.3
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Automatic DC Switch

This single-phase model has a power of 3.5 kW, but it can «output» a maximum of 4 kW. It runs on gasoline, the fuel tank volume is 10 l. An important feature is the ability to charge the batteries directly from the generator. For this, there are 12 V, 5 A DC outlets and an automatic switch: when the current exceeds the specified values, the DC switch will automatically turn off. There is also a 220 V AC outlet. The unit has stop protection, overload protection, output current and oil level indicators. For ease of carrying, two handles are built into the top of the body.

Smart Savings

Another no less important feature of the model is the ability to «adjust» to the load. For example, if devices consuming a total of 1.6 kW are connected to the unit, and the generator power is 3.5 kW, the engine speed will be reduced by half. As a result, fuel consumption will also decrease. But if you increase the load on the generator by connecting additional equipment, the engine speed increases automatically. So from this comes an undeniable advantage in favor of the model: 2E-BS4500IOE consumes only the amount of energy and gasoline necessary to ensure the operation of connected devices.

Pure Sine Wave

2E generator provides voltage without drops and surges due to the operation of the current converter «in a duet» with the regulator. 2E-BS4500IOE model will definitely not damage sensitive equipment such as power tools, mobile devices, TVs and computers, home appliances, etc. Alternating current turns into direct current, its characteristics are «equalized», and then it becomes alternating again, but already with a perfect sinusoid.