SKU: 2E-LFP48200-LCD

LiFePo4 model 16S is a rechargeable battery for uninterruptible power systems in the telecommunications, conventional and alternative power supply sectors. Compatible with major inverter systems from Vicrton, Voltronic, Luxwell, etc. Mounting Type: Stand/Wall. M6 connection terminals. Rated voltage is 51.2 V. Rated capacity is 200 A hour.

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Type Rechargeable battery
Mounting type Rack-mounted 19”, floor-mounted
Terminal type М6
Nominal voltage, V 51.2
Nominal capacity, Ah 200
Operating voltage, V 45-57
Charge current (rated), A 50
Maximum charge current, A 150
Maximum discharge current, A 150
Impulse discharge current, A 200
Cut-off voltage, V 43.5
Number of charge-discharge cycles >4000 cycles at 1C, DOD=80%, SOH=80%, >6000 cycles at 0.25C, DOD=80%, SOH=80%
Data exchange interfaces RS232/RS485
Indicators ALM/RUN/SOC
Signals and warnings Overcharge, short-circuit, overload, overcurrent, overheating, overcooling protection
Parallel connection Up to 16 pcs
Serial connection No
Cooling Passive
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TLC, TUV, IEC62133
Optimal operating temperature -3°C - +65°C (charge), -23°C - +65°C (discharge), +10°C - +25°C (recommended)
Humidity 5-95%
Dimension (WxHxD), mm 442х580x226
Weight, kg 82
Features Protection class IP35
Kit Battery, LCD screen (integrated in the battery), DC wires (red/black)x2, communication connection cable, user manual
Warranty 36 months
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Interfaces, high density

Communication interfaces: optional RS232/RS485 (CANBUS). Indicators: ALM/RUN/SOC. High energy storage density with a weight of 82 kg and dimensions (w x h x d): 442 x 580 x 226 mm. High charge and discharge currents (short charge period). Long service life and high cycling

Operating limits

Wide temperature limits of performance: charge from -3 °С to +65 °С / discharge from -23 °С to +65 °С; recommended: from +10°С to +25°С. Parallel connection of up to 16 pieces is possible. Lifetime predictability controlled by BMS.