Solar Cables 2E with MC4 connector-3T1


The 2E cable set with MC4 jacks is useful for efficient parallel or series-parallel connection of portable solar or PV panels. The kit consists of two three-line splitter cables, made of quality materials, which are designed to reliably and safely connect two or more solar panels (or chains of solar arrays) with the same voltage. Branching pattern: “male” (+) to 3 × “female” (-) and “female” (-) to 3 × “male” (+). Polarity is marked by color: “+” – red, “-” – black. Cables can be used to expand an existing or build a new solar panel system – both stationary and portable. The maximum voltage is 1,000 V, and the current is 30 A. The products comply with CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K standards, the contact material is tinned copper. Each 30 cm long cable has a cross section of 4 mm² for optimal performance and reliability.

  • Two splitter cables for three lines
  • Branching scheme: "male" (+) to 3 × "female" (-) and "female" (-) to 3 × "male" (+)
  • Polarity is marked by color
  • MC4 jacks
  • Max. voltage is 1,000 V
  • Max. current is 30 A
  • Cable cross-section 4 mm²
  • Compliance with CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K standards
  • Tinned copper contacts
  • Cables’ length is 30 cm
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Type Solar Cable Set
Connector type МС4
Maximum operating voltage, V 1000
Maximum operating current, A 30
Cable section, mm2 4
Cable standard CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K
Operating temperature range From -40°C to +85°C
Contact material Tinned copper
Cable length, m 0.3
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months