Solar Cables 2E with MC4 connector-2T1


The 2E cable set with MC4 jacks is useful for efficient parallel or series-parallel connection of portable solar or PV panels. The kit consists of two Y-cables made of quality materials, which are designed to reliably and safely connect two or more solar panels (or chains of solar arrays) with the same voltage. Branching pattern: “male” (+) to 2 × “female” (-) and ” female” (-) to 2 × “male” (+). Polarity is marked by color: “+” – red, “-” – black. Cables can be used to expand an existing or build a new solar panel system – both stationary and portable. The maximum voltage is 1,000 V, and the current is 30 A. The products comply with CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K standards, the contact material is tinned copper. Each 30 cm long cable has a cross section of 4 mm² for optimal performance and reliability.

  • Two Y-cables
  • Branching scheme: "male" (+) to 2 × "female" (-) and "female" (-) to 2 × "male" (+)
  • Polarity is marked by color
  • MC4 jacks
  • Max. voltage is 1,000 V
  • Max. current is 30 A
  • Cable cross-section 4 mm²
  • Compliance with CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K standards
  • Tinned copper contacts
  • Cables’ length is 30 cm
  • Suitable for use under adverse environmental conditions
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Type Solar Cable Set
Connector type МС4
Maximum operating voltage, V 1000
Maximum operating current, A 30
Cable section, mm2 4
Cable standard CE62930, IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K
Operating temperature range From -40°C to +85°C
Contact material Tinned copper
Cable length, m 0.3
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months