Extension Cord Reel 2E with 4XSchuko Plug, IP20, 3Gx1.5mm, 50 m


Extension cord reel with a length of 50 m with four Europlugs with grounding (Schuko), a convenient handle and IP20 rating protection. This model has a three-core cable with a cross section of 1.5 mm2 (3×1.5mm). The cable is stable to non-abrasive surfaces, ultraviolet light and petroleum products.

An extension cord is intended for use in the open air at temperatures up to -35 °C and in enclosed spaces. The cable coil body is made of durable plastic and placed on a metal frame. Ergonomic handle has an axis of rotation for easy wiring of the cable.

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Type Extension cord reel
Number of sockets, pcs 4
Number of conductors, pcs 3
Section, mm² 1.5
Rated voltage, V 230
Maximum current, A 16
Long-term load, W 3200
Grounding Yes
Cable length, m 50
Spin fixator Yes
Protection IP20
Handle Yes
Color Grey and yellow
Case material Stainless steel
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm 18x38x29
Package weight, kg 7.55
Package volume, m3 0.0198
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Do you often use lawn mowers, power saws, and other power tools for gardening and household chores? Therefore, you must have faced the problem of a short cable many times. The solution is an extension cord reel 2E with a cord length of 50 m. This extension cord is perfect for use in gardens or backyards, at construction sites or in workshops, outdoors, at temperatures up to -35 ° C, and indoors. It is a one-size-fits-all solution for a huge variety of task.
Intelligent design
The cable reel body is made of galvanized stainless steel and is mounted on a metal frame. In the center of the coil is a well-placed4 sockets block embedded in the plastic frame, which acts as an insulator. If less than 50 m of cable is required during operation, the clamp will securely fix the length you need, and it also fixes the wire during storage. With a small handy knob, the extra-long extension cord can be easily screwed back onto the reel. The reel is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfortable transportation.

The cable consists of a wire with three conductors, where the third conductor is the ground, which will protect against electric shocks. The wire is 1.5 mm² thick, so it can withstand loads up to 3200 Watts, and cope with most household tasks.

If the load on the cable is higher than the limit value –the fuse is automatically triggered, to prevent cable overheating. To turn on the power, press the fuse button on the reel.

The sockets on the reel are protected according to the IP20 standard.

IP code - indicates the degree of protection against external influences in accordance with European standards.

protection against solid foreign 12mm objects ingress.
protection against harmful ingress of water, but do not submerge the reel body in water.
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