2E Battery sprayer AquaSpray 40LR 40l 12V 1x12Ah 7bar 2.9l·min 14.5kg wheel voltmeter hose 15m

SKU: 2E-40LWBS15

The 2E 40LWBS15 cordless sprayer will become a reliable assistant for gardening, vegetable gardens, greenhouses and hotbeds, as it provides high performance (6 l/min), ease of use, which is extremely important for a modern farmer or gardener.

  • 12 Ah lead-acid battery
  • Max. operating time 3 h
  • Charging time 8 h
  • Tank capacity 40 l
  • Adjustable hose 450-770 mm
  • Hose 15 m
  • Spraying range up to 8 m
  • Productivity 6 l/min
  • Handle, wheels for transportation
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Type Battery Sprayer
Voltage, V 12
Battery Lead-acid
Battery capacity, Ah 12
Tank capacity, l 40
Working pressure, bar 0-7
Maximum operating time, h 3
Battery charging time, h 8
Lance length, mm 450-770
Spraying length, m Up to 8
Performance, l/min 6
Charging method Charger
Hose length, m 15
Weight, kg 14.5
Package contents Battery - 1 pc.
Charger - 1 pc.
Adjustable lance - 1 pc.
PVC hose - 1 pc.
Nozzles - 4 pcs.
Tray with wheels.
Wheel Mount - 1 Set.
Washer - 2 pcs.
Seal - 2 pcs.
Fixation bracket - 1 pc.
Measuring cup - 1 pc.
Manufactured China
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Continuous Operation for 3 Hours

This sprayer is equipped with a powerful 12 V lead-acid battery with a capacity of 12 Ah, which guarantees a long runtime: the battery lasts for 3 hours and can be fully charged in 8 hours. The design also includes a built-in voltmeter.

Impressive Tank Capacity (40 l)

With an impressive 40 l of tank capacity, the sprayer is an excellent solution for large-scale applications such as pest control, disinfection and weed control over large areas. The working pressure varies from 0 to 7 bar, which ensures a powerful and even spray, and the 6 l/min output guarantees fast and efficient processing. The spraying range is up to 8 m.

Wheels and Handle for Easy Transportation

The net weight of the sprayer is 14.5 kg, but this does not affect mobility, because one of the defining features of the model is the presence of wheels and an ergonomic handle, as well as a 15-meter hose and an adjustable hose (450-770 mm). All this makes it easy to move around a large area and reach hard-to-reach places or high branches, which greatly simplifies the spraying process and reduces physical load.