2E Battery sprayer AquaSpray 18LR 18l 12V 1x8Ah 4.5bar 2.9l·min 5kg voltmeter


The 2E cordless sprayer is a compact but reliable assistant for working in gardens and allotments, flower beds, greenhouses and greenhouses. The model is equipped with a lead-acid battery (12 V) with a capacity of 8 Ah – a guarantee of efficient operation for a long time (4 hours). The 18-liter tank holds enough solution to treat a large amount of plants at a time.

  • 8 Ah lead-acid battery
  • Max. operating time 4 h
  • Charging time 8 h
  • Adjustable hose 450-770 mm
  • Capacious tank 18 l
  • Spraying range up to 6 m
  • Productivity 2.9 l/min
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Type Battery Sprayer
Voltage, V 12
Battery Lead-acid
Battery capacity, Ah 8
Tank capacity, l 18
Working pressure, bar 0-4.5
Maximum operating time, h 4
Battery charging time, h 8
Lance length, mm 450-770
Spraying length, m Up to 6
Performance, l/min 2.9
Charging method Charger
Weight, kg 5
Package contents Battery - 1 pc.
Charger - 1 pc.
Adjustable lance - 1 pc.
Shoulder belt - 1 set.
PVC hose - 1 pc.
Nozzles - 4 pcs.
Seal - 2 pcs.
Measuring cup - 1 pc.
Manufactured China
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Performance of 2.9 l/min

The four nozzles of this sprayer spray fine dew-like droplets evenly and efficiently, covering every leaf of the greenery. And thanks to the device’s 2.9 l/min output, fast and high-quality processing is guaranteed. The spraying range is up to 6 m and the working pressure is up to 4.5 bar.

Capacious 8 Ah Battery

The sprayer is equipped with a lead-acid battery (12 V) with a capacity of 8 Ah – enough charge to operate continuously for 4 hours. The device takes 8 hours to recharge, so the best solution is to restore the charge overnight, and the next day you can start working again. The design also includes a built-in voltmeter.

Adjustable Hose Length

The adjustable hose length from 450 to 770 mm makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places and tall branches, and the ergonomic design of the sprayer and the built-in handle for feeding the solution make it quite comfortable to use. The model weighs 5 kg.