2E Snow shovel Maxima Compact, telescopic, lightweight, aluminum handle, 3mm, 74-100cm, 0.59kg

SKU: 2E-SNW100

Maxima Compact light telescopic shovel is suitable for work in the garden, snow removal. The telescopic aluminum handle allows not only to choose the optimal height for the height of the user, but also to evenly distribute the load, depending on the complexity of the work being performed. The handle edge serves as an additional lever that helps hold the loaded shovel. The weight of the shovel is only 590 g. And the sliding mechanism of the handle allows you to change the size of the shovel from 74 to 100 cm (that is, up to 1 meter).

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Type Snow shovel
Series Maxima Compact
Application For snow removal, garden work
Working part material Plastic
Handle material Aluminum
Length, cm 100/74
Blade thickness, mm 3
Weight, kg 0.59
Features Sliding handle mechanism
Warranty 14 days
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