2E High Pressure Washer 2E AquaClean 150, 2000 W, 150 bar, 450 l/h, 8m, 8.84 kg

SKU: 2E-HPW2015

The 2E mini high-pressure washer is designed to remove various types of dirt from almost any type of surfaces. The model will be useful for washing vehicles (cars, boats, motorcycles and light trucks), buildings, terraces, facades and garden tools. It can also be used to clean paving slabs or gutters. The device works both with the use of clean fresh water and detergents.

  • Power is 2,000 W
  • Productivity is 330 l/h (max. 450 l/h)
  • Max. pressure is 150 bar (nom. 100 bar)
  • Hose’s length is 8 m
  • Power cable’s length is 5 m
  • Impact-resistant plastic of primary processing
  • Max. temperature of detergent is 40 °C
  • Telescopic handle, wheels for transportation, accessories fasteners on the case, hose bay
  • Quick-release connections system
  • Auto-Stop function, pressure and power adjustment
  • Overheat protection, waterproof case IPX5
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Type High Pressure Washer
Power, W 2000
Nominal flow rate, l/h 330
Maximum flow rate, l/h 450
Nominal pressure, bar 100
Maximum pressure, bar 150
Maximum water inlet pressure, bar 10
Hose length, m 8
Power cable length, m 5
Maximum water temperature 40°C
Protection IPX5, protection class II, overteheat protection
Features Telescopic handle, built-in hose coil, Auto-Stop function
KIT High pressure washer, gun, lance, high pressure PVC hose, foam generator, brush, wheels brush, nozzle, turbo nozzle, nozzle cleaning needle, water filter
Weight, kg 8.84
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months

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Powerful 2,000 W engine

The 2E mini washer 2E-HPW2015 is equipped with a low-noise, but powerful 2,000 W engine providing a maximum performance of 450 l/h. Nominal productivity is 330 l/h. The model makes it possible to remove dirt, dust, paint and mold from surfaces and objects through the use of high-pressure water spray. At a nominal pressure of 100 bar, the maximum can be 150 bar. The maximum permissible temperature of water or detergent poured into the device is 40 °C.

Built-in hose storage bay

The case of the model is made of high-quality shock-resistant plastic of primary processing, special fasteners are provided on its surface, which make it possible to organize the accessories for the mini-washer and at the same time have them at hand. The model is equipped with a telescopic handle, wheels for convenient transportation and a bay for a hose 8 m long. In addition, the design provides a quick-release connections system: the gun with a fuse is connected to the hose and the spray nozzle in a few of seconds. The power cable’s length is 5 m.

Pressure and power adjustment

For efficient operation and ease of use, the model has a number of useful functions, including the ability to adjust jet pressure and power. Auto-Stop is responsible for automatically stopping the washer engine, which, by the way, has overheat protection; it will work when the trigger on the spray gun is released.
Since water is splashed during washing, the case of the model is protected according to the IPX5 waterproof standard.