2E Women’s Heated Thermal Underwear eFiber for Women Black, size XL


Thoughtful zoning combined with modern technologies and a special cut guarantee complete comfort in 2E eFiber for Women Black women’s heated thermal underwear even in the coldest weather. Carbon fiber heating elements provide gentle heating of four zones – stomach, knees, shoulders and lower back, defined according to medical recommendations.

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Type Women's heated thermal underwear
Size XL
Colour Black
Material 64.5% polyester, 27.5% cotton, 8% elastane
Heating temperature, °C 38-52
Heating time, h 2-7
Heating zones Knees, back, lower back
Controller One button, 3 levels (high, medium, low)
High level 50 °C - 2-2.5 hours
Middle level 45 °C - 3-4 hours
Low level 38 °C - 6-7 hours
Heating element voltage, V 7.4
Battery pack 7.4V/ 3000 mAh
Charger 8.4V/ 1.5A
Warranty 12 months
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The underwear is durable, retains heat well and ensures freedom and naturalness of movement, because it is made of high-quality and durable materials combination: polyester (64.5%), cotton (27.5%), elastane (8%).



The heating temperature is 38-52 °C. The duration of heating is quite long – from 2 to 7 hours. With the built-in controller, three heating levels can be adjusted: high (50 °C – 2-2.5 h), medium (45 °C – 3-4 h) and low (38 °C – 6-7 h). The heating element power is 7.4 V. The effective battery capacity is 7.4 V, 3,000 mAh. The kit includes a charger 8.4 V 1.5 A. The kit consists of two elements – a raglan and pants and will be especially appropriate for female military personnel.