Light That Is Always at Hand: 2E Handheld Flashlight Range Expansion

Light That Is Always at Hand: 2E Handheld Flashlight Range Expansion

In the darkness of night or during power outages, a handheld flashlight is an indispensable tool. 2E has expanded its range with pocket flashlights that successfully combine compactness and reliability. Moreover, they are available for a reasonable price!

A brief overview of the new models

Compact flashlights are also called «pocket flashlights» because they fit in almost every pocket.

The updated range includes models with different mounting options, and the power supply is mainly rechargeable, but there are also battery-powered models.

The 2E-PKYB605BI keychain flashlight. The best option for everyone, including children, because the flashlight is made of impact-resistant plastic. It can also be attached to a backpack as a keychain. The compact device has three glow modes and a light range of 100 meters. A fully charged battery provides 6 hours of continuous operation.

The compact 2E-PYB145BI flashlight. The model with a clip has four light modes and a light range of 50 meters. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is fully charged and can provide continuous illumination for 3 hours.

The 2E-PYB1AA handheld flashlight will become a reliable assistant in everyday life. The model has three glow modes and a light range of up to 100 meters. For convenience, the flashlight is equipped with a clip for attaching it to a belt or elsewhere.

The powerful 2E-PYB166BI flashlight is powered by a rechargeable battery. This reliable assistant will come in handy in any situation. Its light range is 300 meters, it has three light modes, and when fully charged, the flashlight can work continuously for 3 hours!

Useful for Everyone!

The new compact models will come in handy in a variety of circumstances.

At home. Whether you’re doing repairs or looking for children’s toys under the furniture, or even if you just need to light up a far corner of a closet, a flashlight is essential. Moreover, when working in the garden or walking with your pet in the evening, you often need a light source at hand.

When travelling. A compact assistant will help you light your way at night and find the things you need in your backpack. Camping, fishing, hunting will be much more comfortable with the 2E handheld flashlight.

For professionals. Security guards, electricians, plumbers, rescuers, doctors – this is by no means a complete list of professionals who use flashlights almost every day.

Active recreation. Feel free to take the flashlight with you on a trip, cycling, or hiking, because the device takes up minimal space, but will help you navigate the terrain when the sun sets.

The Relevance of Handheld Flashlights in Ukraine

In times of war and the constant risk of power outages, a handheld flashlight is not just a useful device, but a vital one. It will help you to

  • find your way around in the dark during power outages;
  • find necessary things in a dark room;
  • move along the street at night, making the wearer more visible to drivers;
  • send a signal for help.

The 2E handheld flashlights are not just light sources, but also reliable assistants in any situation. Thanks to them, you can be sure of your own safety and comfort even in the dark.

Choose 2E – light your way!