2E jump starters are available for order!

2E jump starters are available for order!

There is a new supply in 2E! It is the jump starters, which will be useful for car owners and active users of household equipment. They have a wide range of functions and will be needed in unforeseen situations.
2E jump starters will not only charge the car, but also help in solving simple problems on the road, will provide an opportunity to charge various devices in a convenient and efficient way.
With these models of the 2E brand, users get access to reliable, powerful and multifunctional equipment.

2E Power Block jump starter with flashlight, 7,200 mAh/26.64 Wh, 2 × USB-A/2.1A, 1A

Product code: 2E-CJSPB-BK

2E Power Block is an innovative starting device that combines functions for starting the engine and a powerful external battery for charging. Built-in flashlight with lighting modes and SOS signal makes this equipment a reliable companion in all circumstances.

2E Beam jump starter with flashlight, 8,000 mAh, 1 × USB/3 A

Product code: 2E-CJSPBL-BK

2E Beam jump starter is a powerful device designed to provide a wide range of capabilities in emergency situations. This compact equipment combines several useful functions, so it will become an indispensable assistant.

2E Pitman jump starter with car compressor and flashlight, 10,000 mAh/37 Wh, 1 × USB/2.4A

Product code: 2E-CJSPBPL-BK

The versatile 2E Pitman combines high-efficiency starting equipment, a compact car compressor, a powerful flashlight, and charger functions with a built-in large capacity battery.