The modern periphery should be reliable, with an original, but comfortable design, comfortable for use for a long time. And with all the requirements yet available. It is these keyboards and mice that can be found in the 2E range.

Silent Click 2E Series
What can be worse than annoying clicks during a long and busy day? Or even at home, when everyone has laid down to rest, and someone still “runs” through the network? 2E Silent Click mice were created for such life situations. The product line is represented by three models, with a touch-pleasant Soft Touch coating and noiseless buttons.

Models 2E MF108 Silent USB and 2E MF207 Silent WL have got stylish and elegant design, with smooth lines of the case. They will appeal to users who, besides the functional, also appreciate the look of the device. The mice are compact so they will simply fit it the bag during traveling. The model is symmetrical, so it is equally convenient to use by the right and left hand.

Mice have noticeable and original design of the scroll wheel, which resembles a small trackball. The 2E MF108 Silent USBmodel’s trackball has a bright white illumination. Model 2E MF208 Silent WL has a comfortable ergonomic shape, which with the relief surface on both sides provides the most comfortable grip of the mouse. Its sensor can be configured to three levels of DPI 800/1200/1600 using a separate button. Like other models of the Silent series, this model has noiseless buttons and a touch-friendly Soft Touch coating.

The gamer’s way – Ares MG305
2E Ares MG305 USB Black is a gaming mouse designed especially for beginners who want to feel a high level of satisfaction from their favorite game. This model has an optical sensor from the world’s leading manufacturer AVAGO. Buttons with the resource of pressing of 20 million will not fail at the most crucial moment, and the impressive range of DPI 800/1600/2400/3200/4000 can be easily and quickly changed with the help of additional buttons.

This mouse will lie firmly in your hand thanks to rubber pads on both sides. Another feature is the ground aluminum «sole» for better glide over the surface. This model has seven built-in bright colors that are customized through the application. With the mouse Ares MG305 USB Black 2E you will find a way to new level of gaming skills.

Die Hard Ares KG 110
What is the most important during the long hours of intense play? Of course, a reliable keyboard.
2E Ares KG 110 USB Black was created was for this purpose. It is equipped with a reinforced membrane or, as it is also called, Fake Mechanical. Thanks to the special design of the membrane, users will get the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard for lower price. The body is made of metal. If the keyboard falls, or after another defeat in the game, you want to sit on the keys, it’s okay, this solid model will withstand the emotion of the players.

Do not even think about stopping playing at night! The presence of adjustable white backlighting in this will help. 12 Fn-commands are useful for fast management of multimedia. If you accidentally spill water – it does not matter, because the keyboard has a protection against moisture. The two-meter braided cable is resistant to cracks and failure and will last for many years. The game keyboard 2E Ares KG 110 USB Black is a reliable partner during the game!