Mobile presentation stand TV 2E Toifkaa is made of steel and plastic. The black design is well thought out, and the presence of wheels with locks makes it easy to move and secure the position in the right place. Fasteners securely hold the stand measuring 880×665×1 803 mm. Bracket is compatible with VESA system: 400×200, 300×300, 200×200, 400×400, 600×400. The TV shelf can support weight up to 50 kg, the screen size varies from 37″ to 70″. The shelf tilt range is +10°-10°. The height of the TV can be adjusted in three positions: 1290, 1370 and 1450 mm. There is a shelf for the camera weighing 5 kg, the size of the shelf is 298×228 mm. You can fix the camera at a height of 1643, 1723 and 1803 mm. The load of the AV shelf is 10kg and the size is 485×293mm.

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Type TV stand
Mount type With tilt
Material Steel, plastic
Minimum diagonal 37″
Maximum diagonal 70″
Maximum load, kg 50
Tilt +10°-10°
VESA, mm 400x200, 300x300, 200x200, 400x400, 600x400
Colour Black
Dimensions, mm 880x665x1803
Manufacrured China
Warranty 12 months
High resolution photo

B Smart TV 2E 65A88H
Smart TV 2E 65A88H
SKU: 2E-65A88H
B Smart TV 2E 55A88H
Smart TV 2E 55A88H
SKU: 2E-55A88H
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A07KW
Smart TV 2E 50A07KW
SKU: 2E-50A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A07K
Smart TV 2E 50A07K
SKU: 2E-50A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A07KW
Smart TV 2E 43A07KW
SKU: 2E-43A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A07K
Smart TV 2E 43A07K
SKU: 2E-43A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A07KW
Smart TV 2E 32A07KW
SKU: 2E-32A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A07K
Smart TV 2E 32A07K
SKU: 2E-32A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 65A06LW
Smart TV 2E 65A06LW
SKU: 2E-65A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 55A06LW
Smart TV 2E 55A06LW
SKU: 2E-55A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A06LW
Smart TV 2E 50A06LW
SKU: 2E-50A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06LW
Smart TV 2E 43A06LW
SKU: 2E-43A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 55A06L
Smart TV 2E 55A06L
SKU: 2E-55A06L
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A06K
Smart TV 2E 50A06K
SKU: 2E-50A06K
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06L
Smart TV 2E 43A06L
SKU: 2E-43A06L
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06K
Smart TV 2E 43A06K
SKU: 2E-43A06K
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A06K
Smart TV 2E 32A06K
SKU: 2E-32A06K
A+ TV 2E 32D3
TV 2E 32D3
SKU: 2E-32D3