PC Сase 2E Credo (V200B-400) with PSU

SKU: 2E-V200B-400
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Series Credo (V200B-400)
Appointment Office/home
Type Mini Tower
Material Plastic, steel
Metal thickness, mm 0.6
Motherboards Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Power supply location On top
Integrated power supply ATX PSU: 2E ATX400W (on top)
- Top power PSU: 400W
- Rated power of PSU: 200W
- MB connector: 24 pin
- CPU connector: 4 pin
- VGA connector: -
- connectors Peripheral/FDD/SATA: 1/0/3
- Fan: 1x120 mm
External 5.25″ Non
Internal 2.5″ 2 pcs
Internal 3.5″ 2 pcs
Expansion slots 4 pcs
Included fans 1 pc (rear panel: 1x80mm)
80 mm fan support 1 pc (rear panel)
Optional radiators, mm Non
USB 3.0 connectors 2 pcs
Audio (microphone/headphone) Yes
Buttons Power, LED, HDD LED
Max VGA length, mm 250
CPU cooler height, mm 140
Dust filter Non
Dimensions (WxHxL), mm 165x353x260
Weight, kg 2.8
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months