Motorized water valve 2E HC220V, 1”

SKU: 2E-HC220B-1

2E motorized water valve is designed to control water supply in engineering communication systems. This is a two-position valve, it opens or closes the water supply depending of the controller signal.
The valve is designed to prevent hydraulic shock at the start. The electric drive is made of durable plastic. 2E motorized water valve is used in water leakage protection systems, smart homes, as well as for automation of water supply control.

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Type Motorized water valve
Valve diameter 1
Material Stainless steel
Voltage, V 220
Power, W 5
Working pressure, bar 10
Maximum pressure, bar 16
Full open/close time, s 7
Torque, Nm 2
Maximum coolant temperature 100 °С
Ambient temperature - 20 °С….+ 45 °С
Air humidity up to 95%
Protection Rating IP67
Kit Motor-operated ball valve, data sheet
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