Today, presentations on screens with the help of a projector have gained wide popularity. They are used everywhere: at business conferences, for the presentation of goods or services, in educational institutions and centers, because outdated posters and maps in classes are no longer able to interest today’s youth. The projector and screen will help to reveal the full depth of the educational material, and the 2E ALR120STND mobile stand will ensure the reliability of technical equipment installation.

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Type Mobile stand
Weight, kg 27
Maximum diagonal, " 120
Color Black
Material Metal
Rack height, mm 2677
Rack width, mm 1514


This model is specially designed for VHF projector (ultra-short throw) and ALR screen with a diagonal of 120″ (304.8 cm). The stand is quite strong and weighs 27 kg, and it also has a reliable base 737x680x5, so there is no need to worry about its stability. The total height of the 2E stand is 2,677 mm, a screen is fixed on top, under which a special shelf for installing the projector is mounted. Stand size: 480×380 mm.

It is not for nothing that the stand is considered mobile, because the design includes special wheels, thanks to which the stand with equipment can be moved very easily and safely from one place to another. Important: this model is fully compatible with the 2E ALR 0169120ALR screen.