Game console 2E, 16bit wireless gamepad, HDMI, 183 games


The 2E game console will help you enjoy classic retro gaming with modern features. This model successfully combines traditional design and innovative technological solutions, so it will definitely appeal to modern avid gamers. The 2E 16 Bit HDMI is a bridge between the past and the future, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the world of classic games in comfort.


  • HDMI connection (cable included)
  • HD picture quality
  • Image smoothing technology
  • AV connector for connecting to classic TVs for SD image output
  • Compatible with all modern TVs
  • Long-term operation of joysticks from one set of batteries (up to 49 h)
  • Wireless joysticks have a range of up to 10 m
  • Ability to connect classic wired joysticks
  • NTSC/PAL-J/O signal switcher
  • Additional audio output for headphones
  • Stereo sound
  • 188 pre-installed games
Where to buy
Type Game console
Type of console Stationary
Controller Wireless
Media support Cartridges
Games in the set, pcs. 183
Joystick range, m 10
Interfaces HDMI, AV
Color Black
Manufactured China
High resolution photo

Innovations That Change the Classic Experience

Unlike the game consoles of your childhood, the 2E 16 Bit HDMI game console features wireless joysticks, allowing you to enjoy your games without the hassle of tangled cables and distance from your TV. The wireless communication range is up to 10 m: this freedom of movement is extremely convenient for large rooms and widescreen TVs, providing comfortable gaming from any corner of the room. If necessary, you can also connect classic wired gamepads.

Superior Image Quality

The console is equipped with a specialized chip for image upscaling and smoothing, ensuring that every detail is displayed clearly and vividly on modern widescreen screens. Anti-aliasing technology is especially important for older games, as it prevents pixelation and loss of quality.

Versatile Connectivity

With its HDMI connector, the 2E game console can be easily connected to any modern TV, and the additional AV output makes it possible to use it even with classic TVs for SD image output. This makes the 2E 16 Bit HDMI the best choice for those who appreciate good old-fashioned gaming but don’t want to give up the benefits of modern technology.

Maximum Game Compatibility

This game console is compatible with almost all Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games (regardless of region). The PAL/NTSC switching function gives you access to games from different countries without the need to set special settings. For example, the cool Gunstar Heroes was not released in Europe, so if a user had a Sega of this region, it was impossible to run the game cartridge, and the same for PAL. This game console reads cartridges of all regions with the help of a «megakey», that is, it will be useful for running both original cartridges from Japan and the United States and Russian-language pirated ones.

Sound Capabilities

With stereo sound support, the 2E console reproduces audio with incredible fidelity, which helps immerse players in the atmosphere of the action on the screen. Moreover, an additional headphone audio output with volume control allows you to play at night without disturbing others.

Wireless Freedom

Thanks to the 2.4 GHz wireless joysticks and long operating time (up to 49 h) with a single set of batteries, players can enjoy gaming marathons without interruption. And in standby mode, the joysticks can generally bide their time for up to six months, and then work for many more hours.

Ready for Unforgettable Adventures

With the 2E 16 Bit console, your gaming space turns into a real interactive entertainment center. This game console gives classic video games a «second life»: the built-in library comes with 188 pre-installed games, so there’s something for everyone!