Full motion TV Mount 2E Liihrusdi 23-43″


Economical rotating wall mount with free tilt for TV 23-43″ 2E “Liihrusdi” is black.

  • Screen size: 23-43″
  • Free tilt design
  • Rotary arms
  • Cable management
  • Compatible VESA 100x100, 100x200, 200x100, 200x200
  • Load capacity 30 kg
Where to buy
Type Wall mount
Mount type With tilt and turn
Minimum diagonal 23″
Maximum diagonal 43″
Maximum load, kg 30
Tilt +3°-10°
Angle turn ±90°
VESA, mm 100x100,100x200, 200x100, 200x200
Profile, mm 56-378
Colour Black
Manufacrured China
Warranty 12 months

Durability and comfort

Robust body is made of steel. Designed for TVs with a diagonal of 23-43″ and weighing up to 30 kg. Free Tilt Design makes it easy to adjust forward or backward for better visibility and reduced glare. Swivel arms provide maximum viewing flexibility. Thanks to a special adjustable spring mechanism you can independently adjust the optimal position – tilt (+3-10°), rotation (±90°), level (±3°). Profile: 56~378 mm.


Convenient and reliable bracket is VESA compatible 100×100, 100×200, 200×100, 200×200.

Organized cables

You can keep all your cables together and organized with a cable management system.

B Smart TV 2E 65A88H
Smart TV 2E 65A88H
SKU: 2E-65A88H
B Smart TV 2E 55A88H
Smart TV 2E 55A88H
SKU: 2E-55A88H
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A07KW
Smart TV 2E 50A07KW
SKU: 2E-50A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A07K
Smart TV 2E 50A07K
SKU: 2E-50A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A07KW
Smart TV 2E 43A07KW
SKU: 2E-43A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A07K
Smart TV 2E 43A07K
SKU: 2E-43A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A07KW
Smart TV 2E 32A07KW
SKU: 2E-32A07KW
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A07K
Smart TV 2E 32A07K
SKU: 2E-32A07K
A+ Smart TV 2E 65A06LW
Smart TV 2E 65A06LW
SKU: 2E-65A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 55A06LW
Smart TV 2E 55A06LW
SKU: 2E-55A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A06LW
Smart TV 2E 50A06LW
SKU: 2E-50A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06LW
Smart TV 2E 43A06LW
SKU: 2E-43A06LW
A+ Smart TV 2E 55A06L
Smart TV 2E 55A06L
SKU: 2E-55A06L
A+ Smart TV 2E 50A06K
Smart TV 2E 50A06K
SKU: 2E-50A06K
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06L
Smart TV 2E 43A06L
SKU: 2E-43A06L
A+ Smart TV 2E 43A06K
Smart TV 2E 43A06K
SKU: 2E-43A06K
A+ Smart TV 2E 32A06K
Smart TV 2E 32A06K
SKU: 2E-32A06K
A+ TV 2E 32D3
TV 2E 32D3
SKU: 2E-32D3