Computer table 2E CE150WYLOW-MOTORIZED with height adjustment


The 2E CE150W motorized computer table with height adjustment is equipped with a tabletop with an innovative Arpa finishing coating measuring 750×1500 mm. Thanks to a built-in electric motor the height adjustable in the range from 620 to 1,280 mm. Maximum load is up to 80 kg.

  • Durable and stable design
  • Height adjustment
  • Height memory function
  • View the tabletop height level on the display
  • Removable touch control panel
  • Low noise level
  • Seated and standing use
  • Protection of electronics and motor from overheating and overload
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Type Computer table
Tabletop size, mm 750x1500
Tabletop material Laminated chipboard
Height adjustment range, mm From 620 to 1280
Number of table support segments, pcs 2
Maximum permissible load, kg 80
Number of shaft drive motors, pcs 2
Noise level, dB <55
Input voltage, V 220-240
Number of seats 2
Table dimensions, mm 750x1500x620~1280
Features Height memory function, removable touch control panel with display
Protection Against overheating and overloads
Total weight, kg 55
Colour Wood (pine)
Kit Tabletop, table support segments, motor with shaft, a set of fixing bolts, instruction
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
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Height adjustment

CE150W table model is equipped with a laminated chipboard tabletop measuring 750×1500 mm, which is height adjustable from 620 to 1,280 mm using a built-in electric motor.
The height of the tabletop is adjusted using a removable touch control panel with a display, which can be fixed in any place convenient for the user on the tabletop. Now, in a few seconds, the table, almost silently, can change its height, allowing the user to relieve accumulated back fatigue and take care of proper posture and spinal health during a working day or a long study/game session.

Innovative finishing coating Arpa

The tabletop is covered with an innovative finishing coating Arpa, which provides moisture protection and scratch protection, and the surface texture is similar to natural wood.

Versatility and convenience

It is convenient to work at the table both sitting and standing. The design of the table is stable and comfortable for schoolchildren and tall people. Maximum load is up to 80 kg. The table has a universal and stylish design, and is also convenient to use both for working on the computer and for games, writing and studying.