Cleaning Kit 2E 7in1, white/blue


The 7-in-1 cleaning kit is versatile, so it can be used to care for a wide range of electronic devices, such as headphones, keyboards, monitors, phones, cameras, etc. With a variety of tools, the 2E-SK7IN1 kit provides a comprehensive approach to cleaning, allowing to easily remove dust, dirt and other contaminants from the most difficult-to-reach places.

  • Cleansing pencil 3 in 1: silicone tip, mini brush and flocked sponge
  • Thick soft keyboard brush
  • Key (remover) for removing keys
  • Spray bottle (10 ml)
  • Fiber inserts for screen care
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Type Cleaning Kit
Purpose For electronic devices such as headphones, keyboards, monitors, phones, cameras, etc.
Cleaning From dirt, dust and wax
Kit 3in1 cleaning pencil, high-density, soft brush, key remover, spray bottle (10ml), fiber wipe
Color White and blue
Manufacrured China

“Must have” for headphones

The 3-in-1 cleaning pencil for headphones with a silicone tip, a mini brush and a flocked sponge is the optimal solution for removing dirt from the crevices, meshes and housing of the headphones.

Keyboard care

A thick and at the same time soft brush, specially designed for keyboard care, helps to easily clean the spaces between the keys. While the key (remover) is indispensable for mechanical keyboards, because it is designed to remove the keys in case of deep cleaning.

Clean screen with no scratches

The kit also includes a 10 ml spray bottle for spraying liquid when cleaning the screen, for example, a smartphone. And the fiber insert is suitable for carefully wiping screens, removing stains, fingerprints and dirt, leaving the surface clean and scratch-free.