2E Tactical Folding bed FB Lite with height adjustment, green 2E-TACFBL38-GN


2E FB Lite folding bed is a comfortable and mobile solution specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and users who do not want to compromise on comfort even in the most remote corners of nature. Ergonomics, ease of use and durability are the main aspects that the manufacturer focused on when developing this model.

  • Material: aluminum 7075, polyester (reinforced ripstop, waterproof)
  • Max. load is 150 kg
  • Bed’s size is 190 × 65 cm
  • Bed’s height (adjustable) is 18-38 cm
  • Bed’s weight (in the cover) is 3.03 kg
  • Green color
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Type Folding bed
Material Aluminum, polyester
Maximum load, kg 150
Height, cm 18-38
Bed dimensions, cm 190х65
Weight, kg 3.03
Features Adjustable height
Colour Green
Manufactured China
Warranty 14 days
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Quality materials and reliable construction

The 2E FB Lite bed is crafted using high-quality materials, including 7075 aluminum and polyester (reinforced ripstop), ensuring the product’s reliability, waterproofness, and deterioration resistance. With a weight of 3.03 kg, the bed is convenient to transport and store, while its strength and reliability leave no doubts: the maximum load is 150 kg.

Comfort and adjustability

The size of the sleeping place is 190 × 65 cm – quite enough space for a comfortable rest. Additionally, the option to adjust the height from 18 to 38 cm allows users to adapt the bed to their individual needs.

Practicality and mobility

Ease of assembly makes this bed a reliable and irreplaceable accessory for hiking and expeditions; it will be useful in camping, as well as for front-line use to enhance the comfort of military personnel. Furthermore, the bed comes with a handle-equipped case for convenient transport. 2E FB Lite is the best option for those who are looking for reliable, comfortable and light equipment that guarantees a comfortable rest in all conditions.