2E Industrial fan heater electric, Stainless, 2kW, 20m sq, 239m cubic/h, heating element – stainless steel, IPX4, black

SKU: 2E-AHT2000

You can quickly heat up a residential, commercial or warehouse space using the 2E-AHT2000 heat cannon, which is distinguished by its simple design, mobility and practicality.

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Type Industrial fan heater
Installation type Floor
Heating area, m2 20
Maximum power consumption, W 2000
Maximum productivity, m3/h 239
Number of heating power levels, pcs 2 (40W/2000W)
Heating element Stainless steel
Protection Overheating protection
Voltage, V 220-240
Frequency, Hz 50
Сurrent, А 8.3-9.1
Heating temperature control Yes
Self-resetting thermostat 45°С
Colour Black, orange
Dimensions, cm 23х22х29
Weight, kg 3
Package сontents Heat gun - 1 pc, manual (includes warranty card) - 1 pc
Manufactured China
Warranty 24 months
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Powerful and Reliable

In a reliable metal case with a powder coating against corrosion, there are holes for air intake. Through them, the air enters the stainless steel heating element, which, after switching on, heats up almost instantly thanks to the power of 2 kW. At the output of 2E-AHT2000 heat cannon, an air flow of 239 m3/h is formed, which is enough to heat a room with an area of 20 m2.

Effective and Protected

The built-in thermostat allows you to control the microclimate and provides protection against overheating by automatically turning off the device. 2E-AHT2000 heat cannon can be used even in wet rooms, because it has a waterproof class of IPX4. In addition: the cannon saves the consumer money due to low electricity consumption and nerves, because it works quiet enough.

Maneuverable and Eco-Friendly

The heat cannon is equipped with an insulated plastic handle and a special stand, thanks to which it is comfortable to move and change the angle of the air flow.
During operation, 2E-AHT2000 electric heat cannon does not emit harmful decomposition products, there is no steam and unpleasant smell, so it is suitable for creating a comfort zone where it is necessary.