2E Chemical hand warmer size M (95×55 mm), up to 12 hours


Stay warm in cold weather with 2E chemical heating pads. 2E thermochemical heating pads will help not to freeze your limbs, keep warm when it is necessary, and generally feel more comfortable when it is cold. The product is indispensable in field conditions, it will be useful for active winter sports, tourism, fishing, etc.

  • Oxygen activated
  • Up to 12 hours of heat
  • Size M (95×55mm)
  • Average t = 55°C
  • Maximum t = 68°C
  • No smell, non-toxic, easy to use
  • 2 pcs in a package
  • 40 packages in a display box
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Type Hand warmer
Composition Iron powder, water, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt
Size M (95х55 mm)
Maximum operating time, h 12
Average temperature 55 °C
Maximum temperature 68 °C
Number, pcs 2
Warranty 1 day
Manufactured China
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Oxygen activation

These heating pads are easy to use, but you need to follow some recommendations and rules in order to achieve maximum effect and not harm yourself. To use heating pads, open the package, take out the heating pads and wait a few minutes for oxygen activation (a chemical reaction occurs). For maximum effect, it is better to put the heating pads into your gloves or pockets.
They are filled with a special mixture that produces heat from direct contact with oxygen.
Composition: iron powder, water, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt.

Up to 12 hours of heat

2E chemical hand heating pads are a disposable, personal means for local heating. The size of the product is 95×55mm. Duration after activation is up to 12 hours. The average temperature of the heating pad is approximately 55°C, but the maximum temperature can reach 68°C, so the product may cause burning, and in case of excessive use, it may cause localized burns or skin irritation. Important: if the pad becomes too hot or uncomfortable during use, remove it immediately.
These heating pads do not require special disposal measures. After one-time use, cold heating pads can be disposed of like ordinary household waste.

Functionality and versatility

Chemical heating pads are a must-have during the cold season. Of course, first of all, such a product is necessary for servicemen, but it can also be used for sports, tourism, fishing, etc.
2E heating pads are one of the most efficient means of heat generation. Such means of individual heating are extremely functional and easy to use, but it is important to follow the instructions during use. Each type of heating pads is designed taking into account the conditions of use.
Chemical hand heating pads should not be used for other parts of the body. The skin of the hands is less sensitive, so the average temperature of such pads is a bit higher. If such a pad is used in areas with high oxygen access, the chemical reaction will be much more active, heat will be released more actively that can lead to burns.

Medical precautions

Users with allergies or diabetes, frostbite, scars, open wounds, bruises, swellings, sensitive skin, arthritis, paralysis, nerve damage, or circulatory problems, or people who cannot apply or remove the heating pad by themselves, are not recommended to use the heating pad if it is not prescribed by a doctor. In addition, it is necessary to avoid contact package contents (powder) with eyes, mouth or exposed skin. It is not recommended to use the product during sleep, with other heating devices, and it is also forbidden to heat the product in the microwave.