How to choose a charger for gadgets

How to choose a charger for gadgets

Active use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets means that they need to be recharged often, and sometimes more often. Therefore, the question of choosing a charger becomes extremely important. After all, not only the charging speed depends on it, but also the performance of the battery of the electronic device and the safety of its use. First of all, you should pay attention to such important factors as the type of charger and the output current.

Original or nonnamed?

Currently, among electronic accessories there is a huge number of chargers from various manufacturers. They can be divided into original brand, high-quality analogues of third-party manufacturers and universal ones.

The use of original devices is the most safe and effective, they are guaranteed to be compatible with gadgets and have a long service life. But the high price of these chargers is the reason why many users prefer cheaper but lower quality models that often fail quickly, can damage the battery, overheat it and even cause a short circuit. Due to low-quality devices, gadget batteries wear out much faster and require charging more and more often.

Correct output current is a reliable and safe operation

The instructions for each gadget model contain information about what output current the charger should have. Usually, for smartphones, this parameter is from 2A to 4A. However, in cheap, non-original devices, this information may not be true.

We recommend choosing only brands of chargers tested by time and experience. These manufacturers guarantee users safe current and enjoyment of use.

Here are several options for network devices that support different protocols and whose current and power are guaranteed to meet the stated specification: