2E MiniLED 55″ and 65″ TVs for the First Time in Ukraine!

2E MiniLED 55″ and 65″ TVs for the First Time in Ukraine!

Each type of TV is created with unprecedented technological approaches to meet diverse user needs. Among the many available options, the 2E TVs with MiniLED backlighting stand out.

Expertly designed for an extraordinary visual experience, the 55″ and 65″ models transcend the ordinary concept of television screens. Thanks to the advanced MiniLED technology, TVs embody the dream of incredibly realistic imagery, where each pixel plays its role in creating a captivating picture.

Imagine watching the favorite movie, where every shade of black is so deep it seems infinite, and every beam of light shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. This is not magic, it’s MiniLED technology, which provides over 500 local dimming zones for unparalleled detail and contrast.

Immerse in the gaming world, where every explosion and sunbeam shines with brightness of over 1,000 nits, making every scene stunning. And all this without eye strain, thanks to optimized lighting dynamics!

Moreover, 2E MiniLED TVs have the same resolution as other types of LED TVs, allowing to display content from Full HD to 4K. However, in this case, MiniLED technology has certain advantages (especially in the 4K format), providing a more stable image.

Choosing between different TV technologies may seem like an endless quest. But when it comes to choosing between regular LED and MiniLED, the decision becomes obvious. 2E MiniLED TVs are a ticket to a world where technologies turn into art, and images tell stories deeper than simple frames.

So, don’t hesitate, allow to experience the luxury of incredible visual impressions with 2E MiniLED TVs, because in the world of technology, every choice is a step towards the future, where every moment on the screen is a magical window to new worlds!

Whether it’s an LED TV or a MiniLED TV, 2E products always provide a great visual experience!