2E canisters with increased capacity coming soon

2E canisters with increased capacity coming soon

In a rapidly advancing world of technology and sustainable development, the issue of preserving and transporting energy resources becomes extremely important. One of the key links in this chain is the reliable and safe fuel storage. 2E canisters play a critical role in ensuring the quality of fuel transportation and storage under various conditions. First supply of 2E canisters with increased capacity are expected in early 2024.

2E fuel canisters, 30/40/60 l

Product codes: 2E-JCM30S, 2E-JCM40S, 2E-JCM60S

Fuel supply

New 2E canisters are available in 30, 40 and 60 liter volumes. The canister volumes are optimal for long-distance trips, far from populated areas and gas stations. Also, fuel canisters will come in handy for refueling generators in the event of a power outage or for refueling a car in the event of a fuel shortage at a gas station.

High-quality material

Canisters are made of carbon steel, making them strong and good looking. To prevent deformation of the case under rigid fixation, stiffening ribs are provided on their walls. Thanks to anti-corrosion treatment and a layer of gasoline-resistant paint, the canisters will last a long time.

Comfort of use

For convenience during transportation, the case has a reinforced handle that is easy to hold. There are no sharp edges that can accidentally cause cuts. To prevent unauthorized opening during storage and transportation, and to prevent the contents from spilling or evaporating, each canister is equipped with a convenient and reliable lid with a gasoline-oil-resistant rubber gasket and a drain valve (for faster emptying).

When will it come in handy?

Fuel canisters can be used in various situations, such as:

  1. Building and repair works. When performing work far from stationary energy sources, a large fuel supply for generators or heaters may be required. The canister will provide the necessary increased supply.
  2. Spare fuel. The canister can be used to store reserve fuel in case of a shortage and there is no opportunity to refuel at a gas station.
  3. Reserve fuel for the generator. Generator owners can use large-capacity canisters to store additional fuel to ensure continuous power in case of a power outage.
  4. Agricultural use. In agriculture, fuel canisters can be used to refuel agricultural machines and tools.
  5. Landscape works. The fuel can be used to power chainsaws, lawnmowers, and other landscaping tools during landscaping projects.
  6. Field conditions. Metal canisters of increased volume are convenient to transport, making them suitable for supplying fuel to vehicles or equipment during trips or other important tasks. They can also be useful for cooking, heating, lighting, and other essential needs in the field.
  7. Emergency situations. In the event of an accident, natural disaster or evacuation, when access to gas stations may be limited, having a fuel canister can provide a reserve of fuel.

Compliance marking

Proper marking on 2E canisters indicates suitability for filling and storing liquid fuel at gas stations, adhering to the rules of packaging hazardous materials.