Thermal Paste 2E THERMOBOOST SUPREME TB11-2, (11 W/m-K), 2 g, grey

SKU: 2E-TB11-2
Thermal paste 2Е TB11-2 – is a multicomponent plastic substance with high thermal conductivity. Thermal paste is used to reduce the thermal resistance between the two contact surfaces, generally by filling the air gaps between them.

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Series Thermoboost Supreme
Type Thermal paste
Thermal conductivity, W/m-K >11
Viscosity 1000
Thixotropic index (viscosity change) (1/10 mm) 330±10
Thermal impedance, °C-in2/W <0.0012
Carbon compounds, % 45
Metal oxide compounds, % 25
Silicone compounds,% 30
Specific gravity, g/cm³ 3.25
Weight, g 2
Color Grey
Operating temperature range -30 - +280 °C
Storage temperature +25°C
Shelf life (before use) 5 year
Complectation Syringe with thermal paste, plastic scraper, grease cleanser, rubber scraper, application guide
Manufactured China
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