When arranging a presentation, every detail is important. And special attention should be paid to technical support, because the success of the result depends on it. During the demonstration, it may be necessary to move or simply rotate the screen, it is during such manipulations that certain unpredictable situations often arise. In order to feel confident and not worry about the reliability of installing technical equipment, it is worth purchasing a 2Е ALR100STND mobile floor stand on wheels in advance. It will ensure easy and as accurate movement of the ultra-short-focus projector and ALR-screen with a diagonal of 100″, for which it is intended. The stand will become an irreplaceable and, most importantly, a reliable assistant.

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Type Mobile stand
Weight, kg 25
Maximum diagonal, " 100
Color Black
Material Metal
Rack height, mm 2234
Rack width, mm 1265


More details about the technical characteristics: the model weighs 25 kg, its height is 2,234 mm, and its width is 1,265 mm. For convenient installation of the projector, a shelf 48×38 cm is provided, on which the screen is installed. ALR100STND stand base size: 737×680×5 mm. The model is made in black and has a restrained and at the same time elegant design. 2E ALR100STND is compatible with 0169100ALR screen.