Extension Cord Reel 2E with 4 Plugs, ІР20, 2Gх1.5mm, 15 m

SKU: 2E-U04RP15M

Extension cord reel with a length of 15 m with four Europlugs, comfortable handle and IP20 rating protection. This model has a strong cable with a cross section of 1.5 mm2 (2×1.5mm). The cable is resistant to non-abrasive surfaces, ultraviolet and petroleum products.

The extender is designed for use in the open air at temperatures up to -35 °C, and in enclosed spaces. The body of the cable coil is made of durable plastic and placed on a metal frame. The ergonomic handle has an axis of rotation for easy cable rewinding.

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Type Extension cord reel
Number of sockets, pcs 4
Number of conductors, pcs 2
Section, mm² 1.5
Rated voltage, V 230
Maximum current, A 16
Long-term load, W 3200
Grounding No
Cable length, m 15
Spin fixator No
Protection IP20
Handle Yes
Color Black and blue
Case material Polycarbonate
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm 17x26x15
Package weight, kg 2.15
Package volume, m3 0.0066
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2E Axe Head Axl 2E-AXHT-GR
2E Axe Head Axl 2E-AXHT-GR