2E Tactical Folding Mat, foam, green 2E-TACFMXT-GN


The 2E Base XT is a high-quality folding mat designed to provide comfort and warmth. The product will be a reliable assistant, for example, for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation, so it is suitable for use even in unfavorable off-season conditions.

  • Thermal insulation R-Value 2.2
  • Double layer design: IXPE polyethylene foam and aluminum coating
  • Lightweight (400 g) and compact (foldable)
  • Color green
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Type Folding mat
Material Polyethylene, aluminium
Height, cm 2.2
Bed dimensions, cm 186x56
Weight, kg 0.4
Features Thermal insulation R-Value 2.2
Colour Green
Folded dimensions, cm 56x14x13
Manufactured China
Warranty 14 days
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R-Value 2.2 Thermal Insulation

With an insulation value of R-Value 2.2, the product is suitable for use during the off-season and is therefore suitable for use in various weather conditions. Lightweight (400 g) and compact, it measures 56 × 14 × 13 cm when folded, so it is easy to transport and does not take up much space in a backpack.

Double Layer Design

The 2E Base XT mat has a double layer design – IXPE polyethylene foam and an aluminum heat-reflective coating. The product provides not only protection, but also comfort during sleep or rest thanks to optimal thermal regulation. It is made in green, so it will harmoniously fit into the natural landscape. When unfolded, it measures 186 × 56 × 2.2 cm, which is enough space to make your rest comfortable.