2E Industrial fan heater electric, Portable Ceramic, 2kW, 20m sq, 139m cubic/h, ceramic heating element (PTC), portable, black

SKU: 2E-AHC2000P

To provide heating for warehouses, workshops, garages, shops, trading platforms and office premises, powerful equipment which can provide heat quickly and stably is needed. The 2E-AHC2000P portable electric heat cannon will confidently cope with this task.

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Type Industrial fan heater
Installation type Floor
Heating area, m2 20
Maximum power consumption, W 2000
Maximum productivity, m3/h 139
Number of heating power levels, pcs 2 (1050W/2000W)
Heating element Ceramic
Protection Overheating protection, tip over switch protection
Voltage, V 220-240
Frequency, Hz 50
Сurrent, А 8.3-9.1
Heating temperature control Yes
Self-resetting thermostat 68°С
Colour Black, orange
Dimensions, cm 21х13х26
Weight, kg 1.46
Package сontents Heat gun - 1 pc, manual (includes warranty card) - 1 pc
Manufactured China
Warranty 24 months
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Effective and Eco-Friendly

This portable heat source is equipped with a ceramic heating element (PTC) for a long service life. Together with a strong air flow, it provides fast heating over a long distance of a room with an area of 20 m2. The device works quietly and efficiently – electricity consumption is low for a power of 2 kW. During the operation of the cannon, there is no steam, unpleasant odors and moisture.

Performance and Reliable

Despite its compact size (21 × 13 × 26 cm), the heat cannon is characterized by high performance and is a reliable device. The 2E-AHC2000P is safe and has built-in tip-over protection that automatically shuts off. The issue of overheating was not left out of the manufacturer’s attention – the device is equipped with double protection.


It is easy to control the heat cannon, there is a power/operation indicator. The heating power level can be adjusted depending on the ambient temperature. Additional functions include the ability to opetare as a fan.


Due to its low weight (1.46 kg), the heat cannon can be easily moved to another room if necessary. An insulated plastic handle adds convenience during movement.