2E Industrial fan heater electric, Ceramic, 2kW, 20m sq, 197m cubic/h, ceramic heating element (PTC), black

SKU: 2E-AHC2000

2E-AHC2000 heat cannon will fill the room with heat as soon as it is connected to a power source. It is unpretentious in terms of placement, simple in management and safe in operation.

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Type Industrial fan heater
Installation type Floor
Heating area, m2 20
Maximum power consumption, W 2000
Maximum productivity, m3/h 197
Number of heating power levels, pcs 2 (1000W/2000W)
Heating element Ceramic
Protection Overheating protection
Voltage, V 220-240
Frequency, Hz 50
Сurrent, А 8.3-9.1
Heating temperature control Yes
Self-resetting thermostat 68°С
Colour Black, orange
Dimensions, cm 21х16х22
Weight, kg 1.55
Package сontents Heat gun - 1 pc, manual (includes warranty card) - 1 pc
Manufactured China
Warranty 24 months
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Solid and Durable

The case of 2E-AHC2000 really resembles a cannon that emits warm air through special holes that spreads throughout the room. The material of the case is solid, wear-resistant, resistant to rust and corrosion thanks to the powder coating. Air flow with a volume of 197 m3/h enters a room with an area of 20 m2 through special grilles on the case.

Powerful and Adjustable

The core of 2E-AHC2000 heat cannon is a ceramic heating element (PTC) that ignites the air blown by the fan to a high temperature. You can get the required temperature right away, because the cannon gives heat from the first minutes of operation thanks to the power of 2 kW. The heating power and air flow angle can be adjusted depending on the ambient temperature.

Protected and Economical

The manufacturer cares about users, therefore equipped the cannon with double protection against overheating. In addition, the device saves money for consumers, because electricity consumption is low. 2E-AHC2000 heat cannon works quietly, there is no steam and no unpleasant smell.

Portable and Compact

Portable 2E-AHC2000 has a light weight (1.55 kg) and a comfortable handle. Does not take up much space during storage.