2E Cleaning Kit for earbuds 3in1, white/grey


The 2E 3 in 1 cleaning kit in white and gray comes in handy for those who want to keep the headset in good condition. The handy tool is specially designed to effectively remove dirt and dust from the headphones, helping to maintain cleanliness.

  • Effective removal of wax, dirt and dust from headphones
  • Metal tip for removing dirt from crevices
  • Soft brush for cleaning the mesh
  • Fluffy fiber for housing care
Where to buy
Type Cleaning Kit
Purpose For headphones
Cleaning From dirt, dust and wax
Kit Metal tip, soft brush, fleecy fiber
Color White and grey
Manufacrured China

Three tools

The kit has three main components: a metal tip for removing dirt from crevices, a soft brush for delicate cleaning of the mesh or small holes without the risk of damaging the speaker, and a fluffy fiber for easy cleaning of the charging unit housing. Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, the kit is an indispensable helper for headphone care.