Long-Awaited Arrival of 2E PowerLink Active Network Equipment

Long-Awaited Arrival of 2E PowerLink Active Network Equipment

In today’s world, the speed and efficiency of network connections play a key role. The 2E PowerLink lineup of active networking equipment includes high-quality solutions that open up endless possibilities for improving your existing network infrastructure, making it more productive, efficient and flexible.

2E Wi-Fi Adapters: the Universal Key to the World of Wireless Networks

The 2E Wi-Fi adapters provide an opportunity not only to reduce the number of cables, but also to use the network in every room. They are quite versatile: they can be connected not only to a laptop or desktop computer, but also to a TV, satellite or terrestrial receiver, game console, or other devices that support compatible standards.

2E Unmanaged Switches: Maximum Power with Minimum Cabling

The 2E unmanaged switches (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet) will help you expand your existing wired network. The models come with 5 or 8 10/100 Mbit/s or 10/100/1,000 Mbit/s auto-negotiating RJ45 ports. All connectors support auto MDI/MDIX detection, so there is no need for crossover cables. In addition, the switches support power-saving and Plug-and-Play technology for ease of use and energy efficiency. All of this makes the 2E unmanaged switches a great solution for improving network performance.

2E PoE Injectors: Goodbye, 220 Volts!

The 2E PoE injectors allow you to easily integrate PoE technology into your existing network: install PoE devices in the most convenient places regardless of the 220V power outlet location, as they will be powered via an Ethernet cable. 2E PoE injectors are an opportunity to get rid of a bunch of power cables that were previously needed to connect cameras, IP phones, access points, etc.