2Е Thermal Bags and Thermal Backpacks – Must-Have in Any Season

2Е Thermal Bags and Thermal Backpacks – Must-Have in Any Season

The vast majority of users perceive such an accessory – a thermal box – as something seasonal and of a rather specific focus. It’s time to destroy stereotypes.

After all, they not only keep cold, as some believe, their main purpose is to maintain the temperature of food and drinks – both hot and cold. In winter, thermal boxes will come in handy for families with children during long walks in a snowy park, because after active games, children get tired, and what could be better to rest and warm up with hot tea and warm sandwiches? And in the summer, when relaxing on the coast with a group of friends, thanks to the thermal bag, users will always have a cool drink at hand. In order to finally be convinced of the need to purchase such assistants, let’s focus on some of their main advantages.

Thoughtful Design

Both 2E bags and backpacks have a well-thought-out design. In particular, the 50 L 2E Picnic models (both colors) have wheels and a telescopic handle, that makes transportation extremely convenient. All other 2E thermal boxes, except backpacks, have a shoulder strap with the possibility of length adjustment. Models with a volume of 10 to 20 l have a zippered pocket on the front, and bags and backpacks with a volume of 30 to 50 l have a velcro. Please note that the zippers on all models are made of polymer with a coating similar to rubber, due to which thermoboxes are tightly closed, thus ensuring tightness and reliable preservation of the contents. In addition, zippers take on the role of a seal, reducing heat exchange due to the temperature difference between the outside and the inside.

Smart Features

All 2E thermoboxes have a common advantage: the bags and backpacks walls are thicker than competitors’ models. Thanks to this, the required temperature of the products is kept longer. In the 30 and 50 l models a special opening valve is provided, through which you can extract what you need without fully opening the fastener. Bags and backpacks are made of polyester, which has waterproof properties, so under any circumstances the contents will be kept in good condition.

For All Occasions

A nice bonus is that in addition to almost every model (except the 2E Picnic with a volume of 10 д), a bottle opener is included in the kit. 2E thermal bags can be used for transporting medicines, because for most drugs it is very important to observe the storage conditions.

Models Features

2E-TBAP10L-DB і 2E-TBAP10L-DO models have an internal volume of 10 l and are available in two colors – dark blue and dark olive. There is a small pocket for trinkets and a cushioning pad on the shoulder strap.

2E-TBAP20L-DO і 2E-TBAP20L-DB thermal bags with an increased volume (20 l) made in dark blue and dark olive colors. Choose to your taste! As for the features: both models have two handles with velcro cushioning and a pocket for small items.

2E-TBAP30L-DB і 2E-TBAP30L-DO models – dark blue and dark olive colors – have a large pocket on the front. Due to the rather large volume (30 l), a special cushioning pad is provided for the handles.

The universal options are 2E-TBKP25L-DB і 2E-TBKP25L-DO thermal backpacks with a volume of 25 liters. Two color solutions are available: dark blue and dark olive. The shoulder straps can be adjusted, they are reliable and comfortable, so comfort during long wearing is guaranteed. Besides, additional handles are provided on the side walls, that expands the possibilities of transportation. There is also a roomy velcro pocket.

The most capacious thermal boxes are 2E-TWBP50L-DB і 2E-TWBP50L-DO, because their internal volume is 50 liters! The model is made in two colors: dark blue and dark olive. As in other models of the line, there is a pocket on the front side. The defining feature is reliable wheels and a telescopic handle, which greatly facilitate transportation.