2E SYAYVO ultra-powerful charging station of new generation!

2E SYAYVO ultra-powerful charging station of new generation!

2E SYAYVO innovative and ultra-powerful portable charging station of new generation features a rated inverter power of 2,400W (3,000W peak) and a LiFePO4 battery capacity of 2,560Wh

The model is equipped with innovative functions and technologies, such as remote control via a mobile app and the 2E Parallel System. This system allows the combination of two stations, doubling not only the power, but also combining the battery capacities! As a result, the solution will be suitable for connecting high-power consumers, such as electric stoves, electric heaters, washing machines, boilers and electric kettles.

Modern, safe and durable LiFePO4 (Class A) power cells ensure long-term operation even under intensive use of 2E SYAYVO. With two AC sockets of 220V Schuko type with grounding, the variety of devices that can be powered is significantly increased.

Convenient remote control with the Tuya Smart app

Manage and monitor the current operating status, adjust the SYAYVO 2E charging station from anywhere: remote monitoring, turning on or off outlets and connectors – everything is possible thanks to the dual wireless BT and Wi-Fi module with full data synchronization via the Tuya Smart application.

Innovative 2E Parallel System: power of large generators without noise and exhaust gases!

The presence of the parallel connection system of 2E Dual Power power stations (not included) enables the combination of the inverter power and battery capacity of two 2E SYAYVO charging stations. Obtaining, as a result, a total power of 4.8 kW and a total capacity of 5.12 kWh. This allows the connection of high-power consumers or devices with large starting currents to the stations. The stations’ resources are not depleted excessively due to smart, even distribution of consumption between the two stations. 2E Dual Power stations parallel connection system is equipped with a 30 A power outlet.

Wide charging capabilities: from the grid, battery, or solar energy

One of the key features is ultra-fast and smart charging via 220V grids or any other AC source: from 220V grids or generator – AC input up to 2,000W! This allows charging the power station from 0% to 80% in just 60 minutes, and up to 100% in 1.5 hours. At the same time, the charging station does not consume peak power at the start, but does it discretely, “measuring” the capabilities of the network.

2E SYAYVO is equipped with an XT60 DC connector and a built-in MPPT controller with a power of up to 400W, a voltage from 10V to 60V, and a current of up to 13A. This allows to charge the power station from portable solar panels of almost any capacity (up to 400W). For example, a 400 W panel on a clear, sunny day can recharge the 2E station in just 6-7 hours! In the case of parallel connection, the possibility of doubling the solar power up to a total of 800W is provided, using each station’s MPPT controller. Charging with a car cigarette lighter or other DC battery is also available.

UPS function for uninterrupted power supply

Using the resource (cycles) of the battery only when necessary! By connecting 2E SYAYVO between the power source and the consumer, at the moment when there is voltage in the grid, the charging station will pass this electricity “through”, using neither the battery nor the built-in inverter, thus saving their resource. In the event of power outage in the main grid, the charging station switches power to the built-in battery with a minimum delay, “imperceptible” for sensitive equipment. Caution: using the charging station as a typical UPS is not recommended.

Modern BMS: six protection systems

  • Overcharge protection.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Current overload protection.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Overvoltage protection.

Convenience in every detail

The design includes a flashlight that serves as an additional economical light source. Convenient handles on the sides ensure comfortable transportation, and thanks to the built-in carrying case with a lid, it is easy to store all the necessary cables and adapters.

2E SYAYVO is an innovative solution that meets any power needs: from backup to autonomous power. Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies, a capacious LiFePO4 battery and the ability to combine the power of two stations, the model will serve reliably and efficiently for a long time.